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Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me!

Sender: Sean Mendoza     Date: May 3, 2016 _
     We were able to find the perfect home for Jasper and Pearl! Their new parents are lovely people who have been very communicative, friendly, and collaborative. We are 100% confident that their quality of live just took a gigantic leap forward! Thank you, Recuse Me!

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Sender: Sharon Nix     Date: November 5, 2015 _
     Sadie is in a new home as I type this. She's going to live with Bob and Chip in a townhouse. With the help of my friends in the Humane Society, I was made aware of an internet website, Rescue Me. It lists all sorts of animals, nationwide, and matches them with folks who are looking to adopt. There were only four Tonkinese cats available in the United States on the Rescue Me website, so I felt I had a good chance of getting some interest. Within three days of posting Sadie, who is a purebred Tonkinese, spayed and declawed, I had an inquiry. After discussion back and forth, I agreed to let Bob adopt Sadie. After discussing details with Bob, this information emerged. Bob had two ten-year-old Tonks, brother and sister, but he lost the sister last year to asthma and ill health. His cat was named Sadie also. He'd been looking to replace Sadie with a mature Tonk, but all the ones he found had claws, which was not good, because his Tonk, Chaz, is declawed. Well, my Sadie is declawed, plus she's five years old, and is mature and settled, the better to get along with a 10-year-old cat. After discovering that both Bob and I had gotten our Tonks from the same breeder, I sent Sadie's papers to Bob. What a small world, but it gets better. Bob called the breeder and found out that his Chaz and my Sadie are actually cousins. Who would have thought! So, Bob and I agreed to meet today, about halfway between his townhouse and me. We met and I tearfully gave Sadie to him and now we'll see how she can acclimate to his home and his Tonk. Fingers crossed all around for a successful integration into his household. I have a very good feeling this will work out well for everyone.

Sender: Liz Everdell     Date: October 7, 2015 _
     I searched the internet just one time for 'rescue, Tonkinese', and Rescue Me popped up right away. Using the website was easy, so I contacted the owner. I had to let her know that this is a forever home, and animals to me are family members with tails. After two days, she emailed stating Saturday would be fine. The end, is history. I have a beautiful, retired queen who needs some adjustment to returning to the center of attention. I think she'll come through with shining colors. This organization allows owners a way to get in touch with caring people, in lieu of 'kill' shelters. Thank you.

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Sender: Todd Morris     Date: June 6, 2015 _
     We had Edmund and Lilly, brother and sister Tonkinese since they were kittens. After almost eight years of living together as best friends, they started fighting as a result of Feline Redirected Aggression (a neighbor's black outdoor cat started nosing around our doors and windows). Over the course of almost a year we tried everything including pheromones, and anti-depressant medications, but nothing worked and the fighting made them both miserable - always wary when going anywhere in the house. Eventually we ended up locking one in the master bedroom at all times to keep them apart. We eventually made the sad decision that one of them had to leave. The family was heartbroken, but through Rescue Me, we found a new, loving owner for Edmund. The adopted parents called us within a few hours of dropping him off to let us know that he was already on his back getting his belly rubbed! Thank you Rescue Me! Now both cats are living in peace.

Sender: Lisa Kasten     Date: March 16, 2015 _
     Bean has been adopted to a wonderful family through Rescue Me! After speaking with several other interested adopters, we finally found the perfect home for her. I had a conversation last night with her new mommy and, although she is stressed by the changes, she is acting in typical Bean fashion. Snuggling, purring, and giving head butts. She should settle in nicely. It was very nice to find a website that is breed specific. Even though it was very difficult to give her up, it made it easier. Thank you for your wonderful website and the help that it gave us. Ultimately our goal was to find Bean her perfect forever home. -Lisa

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Sender: Alisa Willman     Date: January 31, 2015 _
     Thanks so much, Rescue Me, for helping us out. Beni and Hana were adopted and will get the attention they very much needed.

Sender: Sheri Britton     Date: September 4, 2014 _
     I had been looking for a home for my girls when my granddaughters begged their mother if they could have them. Well, that fell through due to heartbreaking life events. I placed them back up on the site just recently and, within two weeks, had all kinds of interested people. I choose the one that was able to assure me that my girls would stay together and she has even offered me an open door policy to come and visit them anytime. Thanks, Rescue Me. Not only have I found my girls an excellent forever home, I got a new friend in the process. I will definitely recommend you.

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Sender: Robert Gonzalez     Date: August 27, 2014 _
     We were looking for a Siamese to round out our happy home and we found Sammy. Cute, full of personality and loves to get her head rubbed. Thank you, Rescue Me, for making it so easy to find her for us!

Sender: Sandra Judd     Date: April 14, 2014 _
     Yes!! My two mature male Tonkinese cats were adopted into a wonderful home with the best new mom ever! I am so relieved that they have a great home and will be very well taken care of in their future. All credit goes to Rescue Me! I am forever grateful for their service.

Millions of animals die each year in animal shelters. You can help stop this: Donate to Tonkinese Rescue

Sender: Elizabeth Pezely     Date: July 10, 2013 _
     After attempts to find a local home, I place Kate and Vinny on Rescue Me! Within 2 days I had several interested individuals from as far away as Tennessee. I was able to find the best match possible, and drove them three hours to their new home. I could not be happier with the choice of their new home and 'Rescue Me!' made that possible.

Sender: Erin Emnett     Date: December 4, 2012 _
     My friend couldn't care for his cat so I offered to foster while looking for a loving home. I listed this beautiful Tonkinese on www.RescueMe.Org and a great retired military couple called me three days later. Chelly now lives with them and we know she's gone to a good home. Thanks Rescue Me! I'll be recommending this site to all my animal rescue friends and all my animal seeking friends. :)

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Sender: Chris And Erin Robertson     Date: March 26, 2012 _
     Simon has been adopted. Rescue Me! worked perfectly, there was tons of interest in the cat. - Chris and Erin Robertson

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